Wooli in a new home 🙂 Thank you for the picture!

Wooli BIRDI goes home with new owner 🙂
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From now you can choose also chalk clouds..it really suits them 👌

Wooli board magnet and Muro the cat together in new hallway 😊Thank you for nice pictures..have a nice sunday!

MARCH WOOLI COMPETITION!  🙂 SHARE AND COMMENT…Which wooli product is the BEST? Look at our e-shop and choose your favourite. In one week from now, one of you will win 30€ wooli coupon. Good luck! 


First Cyprians are arriving and reporting the arrival of spring 


Spring is comming! It’s time to change trees for tulips 🙂 🌷🌷


Wooli has found a new home. Thank you for your positive feedback and beautiful pictures! 🙂 🐦 ☁️️ 🙏 


Be creative and draw on your KLOKI 


Hola wooli Amigos! Wooli cactus came to us right from the desert, it has wooden pegs instead of thistles. Finally, you will have a place to hang your sombreros! 🌵 🌵 




wooli birds took a trip..they fit nicely with the surrounding 



Our Zarka got her BONIFAC 🙂 From now you can buy cat scratcher BONIFAC on our e-shop. You can choose white or natural color in two sizes. Make your kitten happy 🐱




All this was created in 2016..quite enough 💪 We are excited and preparing news! 


We received greetings from kloki woods 👋 they are doing great  in their new home 😊😊 😊 Thank Thanks fot the picture 

Serdžo met Bonifác 🐱🐱


wooli posed as a model 🙂 look at the pictures from yesterday’s party 


Crocodile race at kc dunaj 🙂 wooli at the dizajn market today till 18.00

News! Scratcher BONIFÁC for all cat lovers. Murko is looking forward to a brother 🐱🐱🐱


Packing christmas presents 🎅🎅🎅🎅 


A few pictures from our stand at the urban market 💪 

Crawling through faculty 🙂 Come to see us…today is the last day of URBAN MARKET till 19.00 on Faculty of architecture STU in Bratislava  

We will return to our school after 7.years 🙂 URBAN MARKET 2016 – winter edition for the first time with wooli! ❄❄❄

Unique clock KLOKI WOODS XL..we took a picture right before we sent it  

Wooli’s Christmas


We have Christmas surprise for all wooli friends. For the next 3 days, wooli will come to you for free!

CHRISTMAS FACEBOOK COMPETITION for 30€ wooli gift card! Write in comments, which product do you like the most, give like and share..The winner will be known at Mikulas 6.12.2016 at 12pm 🙂 Thank you for your support.. <3 🙏  

You cannot decide what to buy to your closest? Give wooli gift card 

Wooli has split in two  At the same time as festival in Prague, we attended Meat design Ostrava. Our neighbours organized great market! 

Greetings from kids festival mini in Prague! The greatest success had our chalk boards, which of course didn’t remain undescribed ..

Christmas decorations is new product on our e-shop. Inspiration for us were Linecke cookies 🙂

Thank you ninnulina photoblog for this picture – Fogo in a new room:)

Wooli news has arrived! Both boards looks in real great:)


wooli in the carpentry workshop..preparinf for the winter season


Another new wooli product is minimalist chalk board in shape of house..less is more!

Tramtadadááá! New product WOOLI BOARD for home office lovers 🙂 Soon on our e-shop. Do you like it? 

wooli is looking forward to Christmas 🙂 

chooze your KLOKI

birdi landed at gandalf 🙂

wooli in november issue of Môj dom between the cheerful gifts 🙂

FOGO competition! Who can guess where is tis photo taken? :)))) 
Write in comments..if there are more right answers, we will toss one of you. Competition ends at midnight 🙂 

FERO the anteater is waiting for its place in your interior 🙂 

we are packing..it looks like a few of you will found wooli under the christmas teee :))

BIRDI has found its place in child’s room : )

KLOKI klasik has found a new home

DINO the crocodile at the party !

PEDRO nicely fits into a child’s room : )

wooli whale board came to this world and is looking  forward to see you : )

Greetings from Dobry trh Panenska ! 

See you at Dobry trh on Panenska street Bratislava !

wooli swan <3 

PEDRO the doggie in action ! In the store Bubliboom Žilina.

BIRDI came to this world ! Printing is reversible, so you can lay your favorite swan any side. 

Dino the crocodile snaps into the child’s room : )

A stork has been added to slovak bird series : )

Do you like new wooli hanger?

wooli CLOUD 🙂 In the e-shop has been added playful hanger CLOUD in two sizes and six colors. You can freely combine them…five wooden drops are part of the bigger cloud.

We are preparing news! This time it will be wooden decoration with slovak theme 🙂

KLOKI BOARD is a larger version of the watch KLOKI RETRO. If you found space for taking notes small, KLOKI BOARD are designed just for you . There is a shelf fot the chalk and few hangers at the bottom. KLOKI BOARD MAGNET is a blackboard with magnetic finish, so you can place your vacation magnet pins on it 🙂

Greetings from Dizajn Market! Oskar the Snake has found his friends!

Can you guess, what are these?

03-04.06.2016 – Meet us on DIZAJN MARKET in Bratislava! We are looking forward!

WOOLI MIRROR! We want to cheer you up in the bathroom with our latest newbie. Leave a message for your loved one 🙂 about his/her good looks. Mirror will nicely stand out in the hallway or any other room.

25 5 2016

WOOLI logo gets its small heading – to be sure on the first sight that all our products are made in Slovakia 🙂 please, help us make the choice. Write in the comment the best alternative. Design by Baša Kovačovská.

You can now purchase KLOKI KLASIK in several new colors – pink, yellow, blue and green.


We are happy that you like our KLOKI BOARD. Thank you for your photo.

KLOKI BOARD is already hanging in Žilina. We praise the sketch, it´s beautiful 🙂 Thank you for your photo.

WOOLI FOR ARCHITECTS! Dear architects and designers, we added 2D and 3D models for download on our website so you can use them freely in your designs.



VIKI THE OWL FOR 20 EUR! We have a special relationship with our owl. It was the first product Wooli ever and it became our logo and mascot.

KLOKI BOARD MAGNET – Except our classic blackboard version of the BOARD we sell blackboard – magnetic clock now!

Take a look on our photos from market Dobrý trh on Jakub square in Bratislava 🙂

The winner of our competition is Janka Junasová 🙂 ! Congratulations! The right answer and the most popular product is KLOKI KLASIK black.

(you can find the video with tossing on our FB page)

wooli candlestick – tulip spring garden 🙂

WOOLI CLOUD is a new family member. Clouds will be available in all wooli colors and two sizes.

WOOLI SPRING COMPETITION! Wooli is celebrating its first birthday in spring 🙂 so we came up with a small competition. Can you guess which product is the most popular one after the first year? Share and comment! Each one can quess only once. The competition will last until Saturday 23.4.2016 12:00. We are going to toss up at Dobrý trh on Jakub Square where you can take your prize, or we will send it. The prize is one of our hangers by your choice 🙂 We are keeping our fingers crossed!

WOOLI CLOUD has landed and it is raining 🙂 Wooden hanger is painted with blackboard paint and you can place the raindrops freely on your wall.

Wooli is going to its garden, come and take a look 🙂


23.4.2016 DOBRÝ TRH market on Jakub Square.

KLOKI BOARD! Really large area for writing…Dimensions of the board are 65 x 80 cm. While we were taking the photo, small model sneaked into the shot.

KLOKI HANG have arrived from wood workshop. They look really nice live 🙂

Our another newbie is KLOKI BOARD. Product is designed from KLOKI RETRO design, but its writing-area is larger. Blackboard clock will nicely stand out in your kitchen or hallway. Happy Easter!

New Wooli product KLOKI HANG is a combination of hanger and clock. We make them in all wooli colors. We recommend them in your hallway – for keys. Plus, you will be never ever late! 🙂

Muro the Cat at home 🙂 thank you for your photos!

FOGO the hedgehog in action!

KLOKI XL in Satori Stage. Thank you for beautiful artistic photo. Inspiring space, very good idea – we recommend visiting…We love to came back here once in while 🙂

Wooli at home 🙂

Another photo from our client, thank you! KLOKI KLASIK sends regards from Prague.

Special demand from our client for black pegs was fulfilled. Thank you for your photo 🙂

A new junior member of the wooli family joined. You can buy KLOKI XS in natural wood , white and black and all cheerful wooli colors.

We added Muro the Cat in our e-shop. We have 4 pieces in stock – 2 natural, 1 black and 1 white.

KLOKI found its new home in ELEVEN BOOKS & COFFEE at Baštová street.

The cats Muro have arrived from wood workshop.

Muro is growing:) Monika in action.

Thank you for your comments and congratulation Mirka for prize! Most repeated name in comments is 11x MURO, so it is a new name for our cat 🙂

VALENTINE FB COMPETITION! Think of a name to our newest cat and write it in the comments. Most liked name will win a wooli hanger. The contest ends on Valentine midnight.

Positive feedback from a client is always pleasing 🙂 Thank you for your photo.

New KLOKI WOODS – a pieco of nature in your home. The veneer on the photo is beech, but in in the future we will be offering oak, maple and wallnut tree veneer.

photos from clients – Oskar and Kloki made themselves comfortable 🙂

Thanks Dobrý trh that we could participate and thanks for your positive feedback. We are looking forward to our future meetings 🙂

In two days on Chrismas Market Dobrý trh with our new T-shirts.