Muro is hanging on the wall,

With his clothes on,

A little clothes-hanger Viki, the owl,

Laughing loudly beside him


The world in our children´s bedrooms is usually ful of joy, colours and wonderful stories. For us in Wolli, it is a great pleasure to see how creative and original you are in including them into your space to make a perfect home for your children.


The truth is that the animals from the Wooli family can find their place also in other rooms in your house. But, the room of your little sweethearts is just the one where they fit best.


For your inspiration, here are some tips how to fit Wooli in the kingdom of your little ones:


1.    The little snake, crocodile and doggie Pedro are a good team


Not only are they the best friends, but they match due to the shape and material they are made of. If these three little mates live in your children´s bedroom, they will definitely help you keep all the things  in perfect order. The clouds can be used in a simmilar way for a bit older kids.



2. When it´s time to learn the time


To be able to tell the time is an essential skill for every little discoverer. Why not use the amazing clock for that purpose? A good example can be the Kloki klasik chalk, which is adored by children as they can write their own numbers on them. And that is a great challenge, isn´t it?



3. No more forgotten homework


If you are a parent, you are certainly familiar with the problem.  “Don´t worry mum, I´ve done everything.“ But, when the morning comes, a problem shows up – either a forgotten  math formula or a swimsuit for a trip to the pool. For this very purpose, we´ve invented the Kloki Board. Our little pupil can make  notes of all the important assignements with a chalk and have it in sight all the time.  And, even then,  if he has forgotten anything, you will see it.


4. Animals in action


Dino, Oskar a Pedro are not the only good team in Wooli family. Have a look at the other amimals getting adjusted to your childern´s bedrooms:



Have you got a favourite Wooli at home? Let us know, we will be happy to share.


Copywriter Ostrá tužka